Fiber Lighting Ceremony held June 13th

Miami Valley Communications Council Fiber Lighting Ceremony held on June 13, 2019 44-mile GATEway Fiber Network will provide high speed internet and network services to seven municipalities

On Thursday, June 13th 2019, the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC) held a ceremony to mark the official launch of the GATEway Fiber Network, a 44-mile high speed public fiber optic network and one of the first multi-jurisdictional fiber optic networks in the country. “Today we celebrate the culmination of a twenty-plus year effort to bring a high speed public network to the communities served by MVCC,” said JoAnne Rau, Centerville City Council Member and MVCC Board Chair. “Today’s ceremony launches the GATEway Fiber Network, a collaborative infrastructure investment that connects MVCC, the Miami Valley Educational Computer Association (MVECA), and the cities of Kettering, Centerville, Oakwood, Moraine, West Carrollton, Miamisburg and Springboro. This project added 19.2 miles of fiber to existing fiber infrastructure to create a 44-mile ring, to the cost of MVCC cities of approximately $1.14 million dollars.”   “The fiber optic network will allow cities to share information, costs and data services, share public safety and emergency services, will provide faster internet with lower cost, and provide redundancy in the event of a fiber failure. The network can also be used for economic development and to implement smart city technologies.”  “Miami Valley Communications Council’s leadership on this project was essential,” stated Mark Schwieterman, Kettering City Manager. “The MVCC communities have always been leaders when it comes to intergovernmental cooperation.” “And with the fiber now in place, each city will have an opportunity to decide how and when they pursue smart city initiatives. All of us hope going forward that local government entities, businesses, and service providers will recognize that becoming a partner or a customer in the ring will bring long-term benefits to this region.”

“The GATEway Fiber Network is an example of how collaboration and partnership can help us all win victories for education, government, and the communities in which we live,” said Thor Sage, MVECA Executive Director. “Fiber optic networks generally are the foundation upon which our future successes in the broadband economy will be built.”

“I would like to commend and congratulate MVCC and its member cities for their foresight and progressive approach to our common need for connectivity, cost control, scalable technology solutions, economic development, and modernization.” “We are proud to be probably the first customer connected,” said Dr. Steven L. Johnson, President of Sinclair Community College. “It is our job to help more students get more education faster and for less money. It is our job to be community aligned…We expect that this is going to help improve the quality of life.”  By creating a public fiber network, MVCC and its member cities will encourage other government agencies, non-profits and businesses to utilize capacity on the GATEway Fiber Network to spur innovation, encourage business growth, and establish a foundation for upcoming technologies such as 5G, autonomous vehicles and smart city infrastructure.  

MVCC has been actively soliciting partners to utilize the network and has reached a preliminary agreement with EdgeConnect, a provider of edge computing data center colocation and cloud infrastructure. “We’re a proud partner in this communications infrastructure plan for the Miami Valley,” said Shawn Grow, EdgeConnect President and co-founder. “Having the dark fiber ring around the Miami Valley and linking seven cities, and potentially more cities, gives us the ability to be one of the largest smart city communities in the country.” “From an economic development perspective, this really puts the Miami Valley and the State of Ohio ahead of its competitors in the ability to draw in businesses that are interested.”

For more information on the GATEway Fiber Network, contact Jay Weiskircher, MVCC Executive Director, at 937-424-1660 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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