Tactical Crime Suppression Unit (TCSU)

TCSU is a committee of the Police Chiefs of the MVCC member cities. They meet monthly to discuss training, share information, and work on cooperative projects. One of those cooperative efforts is the Organized Crime Task Force, an agency of the Ohio Attorney General supported by MVCC member cities.

Among other things, TCSU coordinates shared use of specialized equipment (e.g., for surveillance) and provides some specialized services (polygraph, e.g.) that no one department could afford to do on its own. One example of shared equipment is the Fire Arms Training System (F.A.T.S.) which is an interactive video system allowing member cities' police officers to use simulated crime scenarios to strengthen their skills.

MVCC allocated over $250,000 to place personal computers in police cars in each member city. This enables patrol officers to have direct access to data bases of stolen cars and/or wanted persons. It also provides direct communications between each member city police department.


Alliance of Public Service Officials (APSO)

This committee is comprised of city service department officials who meet to discuss and develop cooperative service-related projects. Most recent projects include:

GPS data collection techniques and procedures for inputting field data into a GIS This project, which focuses on asset management field data collections will serve as a model for the MVCC member cities as they consider a utility GIS system for their communities.

Joint Bidding for Pavement Markings – This annual project provides participating member cities significant cost reductions in the annual pavement markings/street striping process.

Training - Through the MVCC’s Municipal Training Academy, a series of satellite and web-based training programs specifically dealing with issues pertinent to public works such as right-of-way management and storm water utility management are offered during the year. In addition, training for water/wastewater personnel to assist them in maintaining their license accreditation are offered


The Government Technology Committee (Gov Tech)

The Government Technology Committee (Gov Tech) is a committee comprised of the City Managers of MVCC member cities. They meet monthly to share ideas, experiences and address the many challenges facing local governments. Gov-Tech has won awards for several of their projects applying new technologies to municipal government, including Gov Comm, a computer network and e mail system connecting the cities, and 24 Hour City Access - a computer bulletin board providing information to citizens about their cities and giving them a way to leave e-mail for their city officials. Gov-Tech continues to provide "seed money" grants for innovations proposed by its members.

The Government Technologies Committee is comprised of City Managers from our eight member cities. 

Wayne Davis (Centerville) 
Judi Gilleland (Germantown) 
Mark Schwieterman (Kettering) 
Keith Johnson (Miamisburg) 
David Hicks (Moraine) 
Norbert Klopsch (Oakwood) 
Chris Pozzuto (Springboro) 
Brad Townsend (West Carrollton)